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Energy Efficient Window Films

Increase Energy Efficiency and Save Money

Vista™ energy efficient window film help reduce solar heat gain up to 75%, which can help save money and energy when it comes to your building's operation. According to U.S. Department of Energy statistics, approximately one third of a building's cooling costs can be attributed to solar heat gain through windows.

By reducing air-conditioner run time or lowering load conditions, Vista energy efficient window films can save money and energy.

Energy-efficient window film can reduce solar heat gain up to 75%

Vista™ Window Film can reduce solar heat gain up to 75%

Discover Your Building's Energy Savings Potential

Energy efficient window films can help reduce energy costs for the average building 5-15%, and Vista window film delivers average payback within three years.

To see how Vista energy efficient window film can help you save money and energy and qualify for green energy tax credits, REQUEST A FREE ENERGY ANALYSIS. Our exclusive Energy Audit process utilizes widely accepted DOE-2 analytics to estimate savings potential specifically for your building.

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VISTA™ Window Films
In Action:

Arizona Learning Center Increases Energy Efficiency

With hundreds of windows and no barrier between the sun and learning center visitors, the CFO of Biosphere 2 chose to increase comfort and efficiency with energy efficient window films.

Product Selected:
Vista™ Luminance

Vista energy efficient window film substantially reduced glare in the building and rejected the total solar energy usually transmitted through the glass by 65%.

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