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Vista™ Window Film Product Series

Find the Best Window Film for Your Project

No matter what your goal with window film is – to reduce heat and glare, lower energy bills, or block UV rays – our network of professional window film dealers are trained to recommend the best window film product to meet your needs.

Learn about each of the Vista product series available for homes and commercial buildings.


The latest in window film technology works year round keeping heat out in the summer and locking heat in during the winter. It gives single-pane windows dual-pane performance and dual-pane windows triple-pane performance.


Low emissivity (low-e) films are suited for cooler weather climates where energy conservation is desired.


Designed to provide moderate heat rejection where a soft, neutral appearance is preferred. Lighter versions are particularly good for showrooms and high-visibility display windows.

Spectrally Selective

Virtually invisible, these films ‘select’ desirable daylight while blocking undesirable heat and UV. These films are ideal for storefronts, commercial buildings, and homes that need minimal light control and maximum heat protection.


Designed to save energy, reduce glare, and reject UV rays while maintaining exterior views. These films are more reflective (shiny) to the exterior to improve solar heat rejection and less reflective to the interior to reduce interior reflection of artificial lighting at night.


Provides maximum performance with extremely low interior and exterior reflectivity.


Optically clear window film that helps hold shattered glass together should a break occur, and helps slow down entry through glass.