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Creating Comfort in Your Home

Vista™ heat control residential window film evenly distributes heat by eliminating hot and cold spots to improve the comfort of your home all year long.

Most homeowners fail to realize:

  • Windows play a vital role in the home's energy efficiency allowing solar heat to enter in the summer months and home heat to escape in the cold months.
  • Windows typically account for 15 to 30% of the total heating load and may account for more than 50% during the summertime cooling load.
  • The most cost effective way to cut home energy loss is to upgrade existing windows with the installation of Vista heat control window film.

Traditional heat control window films contain micro-thin layers of metal, which act as infra-red (heat) reflectors/absorbers and visible light filters. These layers are so thin that they are transparent, and as a result they can effectively block heat without blocking your view.

How residential solar window film blocks heat and glare.

How Window Film Blocks Heat and Glare

Year-Round Heat Control & Energy Savings

Vista window film not only provides heat control for a more comfortable home, it also reduces annoying glare from the sun's rays. Daylight can cast so much harsh glare on your TV that it strains your eyes and interferes with your viewing enjoyment. But you don't have to close the curtains and shades to enjoy TV during the day.

Vista heat control window film is a quick, affordable solution to the problem of distracting glare. More than just tinting, Vista window film is an advanced, multilayer technology that lets in natural light while dramatically reducing glare. It even improves the insulation capabilities of your windows.

So go ahead: turn on your electronics, open the curtains, and enjoy the views!

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In Action:

Powerful Heat Control Improves Comfort

Panoramic views came at a price. The sun's heat made living uncomfortable and the sun's ultraviolet rays quickly faded home furnishings, carpeting, wood floors, and precious art pieces.

Product Selected:
SpectraSelect VS70

With the nearly invisible heat control window film fitted on all the sun-drenched windows, solar heat entering the home is reduced by about half. This benefit was achieved without impairing the views or changing the appearance of the glass.

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