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Increase Comfort & Productivity With Tinted Windows

Without the Cost of Tinted Glass for Your Building

Tinted windows provide a cost-effective option to increase employee and tenant comfort. Employee comfort is important for productivity. A recent study reports that 80% of workers have trouble concentrating if the office temperature is higher than normal and nearly two-thirds say typical tasks may take up to 25% longer in warmer conditions.

In addition to reducing heat in your building, windows tinted with Vista™ film also allow natural light into a space without glare. By reducing the need for artificial light, tinted windows often allow for blinds/shades to be left open permitting more natural daylight into spaces and maintaining the much-desired connection with the outdoors for occupants.

solar window films, heat-controlled window films increase employee comfort and productivity.

Keep Your Office Cooler with Tinted Windows

By reducing heat from solar energy up to 75%, tinted window with Vista solar window film can help even out hot and cold spots throughout your building. The result is more satisfied building tenants and greater employee comfort.

As building managers are becoming more aware of the ability to attract premium tenants with green upgrades, they are looking for upgrades that are both appealing to prospective tenants and those that provide energy cost savings.

Of those types of improvements are high-efficiency HVAC equipment and new replacement windows. The latest film technology for tinted windows is a fraction of the cost of replacement windows and can help reduce the HVAC load by filtering out much of the solar heat that can enter through windows in summer and retaining much of the warmth that is lost out windows in winter.

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VISTA™ Window Films
In Action:

Reducing Heat at the Nã Hõ' ola Spa.

The untreated panoramic windows at the Nã Hõ' ola Spa in Waikiki, Hawaii let in more than the view. The sun's UV rays caused hot and cold spots throughout the spa and the bright Hawaiian sun caused eyestrain.

Product Selected:
Vista™ Ultima

75% rejection of solar heat, 87% glare reduction

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